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No matter who you ask in the Poconos, Inflation is the #1 topic on everyone's mind!


Families all over the Poconos are seeing the effects of government policies that do not reflect what is really going on in our communities and on the street. Rising gas prices, food shortages, and out-of-food costs are just a few of the issues that are being ignored. It doesn't take much common sense to realize the future is not going in the right direction. That is why we need to come together and put Pocono People First! Figuring out Common Sense Solutions, Without Politics!



We need to figure out solutions, and fast! First is to make sure monies from the Covid Relief Funds from the State are put to real infrastructure use in the community to support Pocono People First. Simply offering more free money to people is like having a "Doctor giving you more pills, that made you sick in the first place". It feels good for a short period of time but does nothing to solve the overall issues.  We need to be bold enough to be fiscally responsible to the taxpayer and get the most bang for their buck. Second, we must get Harrisburg to acknowledge how our communities are being hurt by these increases and get them working to prepare for the upcoming months. Thinking ahead is key to creating good policies. Third, get businesspeople in place with decades of experience and listen to them. Listening and Common Sense Solutions are what we need now more than ever. Leave the egos and politics at the door and do the work for the People!

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