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Susan Cooper
Small Business Owner
Village Farmer & Bakery

As a small business owner we need someone that knows what it is like to run a business. Someone who knows the area and has seen all the changes, the positive and negatives and has the ideas to make everyone's life better


Steve Louden
New Business Owner Camp Out, Smithfield

On his own accord Steve reached out to me, a new business owner in East Stroudsburg and made it clear how glad he is to see new business thriving in the Poconos. Every time I have sought guidance from Steve, his knowledge and relationships have helped bring light to avenues which solve problems in real time.  


Melissa Lynn Polesovsky
Hospitality Professional
Dales Bistro.

During Covid, Steve was the only one out there supporting, promoting and fighting for all of us that work in the hospitality field. The Pocono hospitality relief fund helped out so many during the holidays and his Face Book Live videos supporting all the restaurants are the best. Myself and so many others witnessed the non stop positive work for the community he accomplished


Yard of Ale Bartender 

Steve was our voice during Covid, fighting for the frontline hospitality workers in the Poconos. So many people were helped by his efforts when the Hospitality Relief Fund was announced around the holidays. He still continues to help so many others get the support they need and promotes so many local businesses with positive energy. True leadership is when people step up for others in the toughest of times, that's who Steve Ertle is and continues to be each and every day.


Michael Smith
Volunteer Firefighter 

During Covid Steve fed our fire company along with hundreds of other frontlines first responders showing us the appreciation and community support we needed.

He continues to show support by meeting with us and listening to our struggles to raise the funds needed to purchase lifesaving equipment. His problem-solving experience and ideas are welcomed by all. He's also the first person that has ever met with our company to help.   


Lori Ike
Volunteer Firefighter 

No one has ever come to our local fire department and wanted to see what we do and what we need for equipment. To take the time to show us how to make more money to fulfill our needs is very much appreciated


Bruno Meduri
Pocono Resident

Steve Ertle will definitely have my vote. Over the years I have known him, he is for the people never about himself. For example while working at the Lounge he took the time to make other businesses (hospitals, police officers, fire fighters, etc) meals and deliver them directly as an appreciation for them working thru the pandemic.

Pocono Resident 

As we all know, Covid 19 has had immense negative impacts on every business in the Poconos. So many people were out of jobs or working on the front lines and scared of what the near future held in terms of financial and physical wellbeing. Steve took immediate action and worked tirelessly to help so many in need. During the most unstable times, Steve was there feeding front line workers and raising money for those in the hospitality industry that were not able to work because of Covid shutdowns. Each and every day he was out trying to help as many people as he could! Steve can count on my vote, as I cannot wait to see how many more positive changes are in store!

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