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 The answer is simple, there comes a point in life when you have to step up and take the lead during tough times. What I witnessed during Covid was unacceptable. Watching elected officials disappear instead of being on the front lines with communities when they needed them most. Listening to leaders bickering at each other rather than coming together to address important issues showed me that things needed to change.

When I was presented with an opportunity to represent the Pocono Tourism Industry in Harrisburg, I jumped at the chance to speak on behalf of over 30,000 hardworking local professionals. My testimony’s purpose was to educate and inform those making policies and defend our largest Pocono industry from unfair mandates that continually penalized local businesses and workers for simply following the rules set forth. As we watched other sectors of business continue unrestricted while our businesses closed, I could no longer sit by and watch good people being hurt.


When others stood by, I challenged the Pocono community through a video with a positive message of supporting our front-line first responders by delivering food to them on the front lines. This one video went viral and brought thousands of people together and through contributions we were able to cook and deliver meals to over 1150 first responders. By working together in a positive way, we can solve many bipartisan issues that affect us all locally.


When government failed us with a 3-week closure for the hospitality industry before the holidays, I knew enough was enough. While other retail businesses continued with restriction free “business as usual” hours our 30,000 plus workers were scrambling just to make ends meet. As a citizen, myself and Chris Barret from the PMVB and Mike Tukeva from United Way formed a first ever Pocono hospitality relief fund raising 145k over a two-week period to support local workers during the holiday season. This first in the state fund continues today helping workers in hospitality with child care, rental assistance and car repairs.


When people say you can’t, I say WE CAN!


This is why I do not believe in what I call "Lip Service Politics". Those that talk the talk, do just that. I've shown during Covid that I truly walk the walk having been featured in numerous news articles to prove it.


So for those running, ask them a very simple question.

Where were you during Covid? I know where I was, supporting our first responders on the front lines, fighting for our leading industry workers in Harrisburg and raising funds for numerous charities that help the Pocono community.

This is why I'm Running

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