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Did you know broadband is not considered a Pennsylvania public utility? It's actually controlled by private businesses that are not mandated to provide internet service to areas.  This year Pennsylvania is receiving $100 million from the federal government to improve coverage in rural areas. In an effort to ensure these funds are received, the legislature passed HB2071, establishing the Broadband Development Authority, which will serve as a single point-of -contact for broadband development.


Because broadband is not a state utility many areas areas in our district do not have proper coverage. Why? Costs to the business are too great to extend the proper range. An average of 4 students per classroom cannot do their lessons at home and upload to their teachers. Think about it our children work off of Chrome Books. This was brought to light during Covid when families would have to park outside businesses to jump on their WIFI. Ask any business owner in the Poconos and a major issue is the lack of broad band to help them expand or even run their day to day operations. This has to change!



The benefits of broadband are huge. Providing proper service for our childrens education at home should be out top priority in the Poconos. Attracting businesses to our area and creating at new cottage industry of home businesses by cutting down on long commutes and creating better job opportunities is something we can all get behind. The solution is easy, competition with new technologies is the key to unlocking the potential we have in our district. 

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