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Currently the Pocono hospitality industry is down over 3000 employees needed to fill job vacancies at every property in the area. The tourism industry was hit harder than any other industry during the pandemic by unfair State Government mandates not based on scientific facts, but on opinions. Health care is a main issue along with lack of training programs to bring more people into our industry.   



Two areas I am passionate about solving are the following. With over 30,000 workers we need to negotiate and create a Pocono Tourism Health Care Plan that is affordable to all that work in our field. Using the power of the purse we need to develop this with health care companies that want to be in our area and negotiate fair rates for our workers. Recruit and Train, we do not hear this enough.  I want to utilize monies generated from the 3% room tax that goes back to the county commissioners to develop training programs focusing on tending bar, serving and cooking free of charge to those that want to learn a skill that they can turn into a career. For over a 100 years the Poconos has thrived with being the place to relax and have fun for millions of people, now its time to support the people that make that happen. 

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